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Gold Coast Mobile Locksmith Service

Do you Need a Residential Locksmith on the Gold Coast then call
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We provide a Fast Friendly Service by a Trade Qualified Locksmith anywhere on the Gold Coast.

If you are locked out we can let you in by picking the lock without causing any damage.

Is your lock sticking or jammed?

It may be repairable or just require adjusting without the need for replacement, call me and I can make sure its spot on.

Locks Supplied and Installed

Whether you need a new lock fitted or an old lock replaced I can sort you out. Using all the most popular brands, Brava, Carbine, Lockwood, Gainsborough, Lanes, Whitco, Yale.
If it’s your front door, security screen door, roller door, gate, cupboard or letterbox lock then Imperial Locksmiths can help you.
Do you have a new expensive pivot door that requires a mortice lock to be installed? Did the door company that sold it to you refuse fitting the lock? With the use of a skilled Locksmith and dedicated tool I can install it with accurate precision.

Most Insurance companies will not cover you for contents insurance if you do not have deadlocks on external doors and keyed locks on windows. Imperial Locksmiths can supply and fit adequate locks so that you meet your insurance companies requirements.

Live in a unit and need a deadlock fitted? Most unit doors will be fire rated doors and fire regulations only allow certain types of locks to be installed. Call me and I can get a dead latch installed for you.
If your building was built before 1992 and the fire door has not been replaced then your door will almost certainly contain asbestos and removing a lock will expose asbestos fibres which will be hazardous to your health and other unsuspecting people. Do not allow anyone to remove a lock until the age of the door can be verified by the metal tag on the back edge of the door.

Locks Repaired and Serviced

Locks and cylinders have mechanical moving parts and like anything with moving parts requires servicing to work correctly. For example a deadlock may not be throwing the bolt far enough to lock correctly which can mean your door is not as secure as you think.

Locks Rekeyed / Locks Changed / Keys to Locks Changed

Does someone you don’t know have a key to your place? Chances are they probably do. Previous owners, their friends, family, neighbours, tradesman, rental tenants, real estate agents could have a key to your place and could enter your house without you knowing. It’s a very good idea to get your locks rekeyed.

Rekeying is changing the keys to your existing lock, I do this by stripping down the lock cylinder and changing the pin combination inside to suit a new key. This is alot cheaper than replacing the lock itself. Most of the time I can make one key fit all of the existing locks on your house. Any locks that are not compatible can be replaced so that one key can work all locks.

Window Locks and Patio Bolts Supplied and Fitted

No matter the type of window or sliding door you have if you require a key lock to add security to your house then I can do it. Aluminium or timber frame, sliding, hinged, sash, casement, awning, hopper, french door - I have it covered.

Safes Opened / Combinations Changed / Locks Serviced

If you have forgotten your safe combination or would like the lock combination changed I have the skill to do so.
When was your safe lock last serviced? The internal moving parts require regular servicing otherwise you risk not being able to access your safe if the lock stops working.

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If your keys have been lost or stolen then I can make new keys to suit or change the locks to a new combination so that the existing keys no longer work.
For convenience I can make one key work all of the locks on your house, the easiest way to check if your locks are compatible is to take a key from one of the locks and try pushing it into the keyway of your other locks, if the key goes in, then the lock should be compatible.

Imperial Locksmiths Gold Coast
Do you Need a residential locksmith on the Gold Coast then call
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